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Friday, 30 November 2007

Crack IT!

1.Invented by Armando M. Fernandez, a technician at Xerox at that point of time. Its three most important benefits were higher speed, more precision and comfort for the human. Personal Computer Gamers are known to use its benefits to the highest level.What important invention am I talking about?
Ans.The Mousepad.

2. In Spring 1991, inspired by the e-mail signature of Frank Sheeran and goaded on by Ian Chai,Glenn Chappell wrote a nifty little 170-line ``C'' program called ``Newban''. In hindsight, we now call it _________ and in various incarnations it circulated around the net for a couple of years. In early 1993, Ian decided Newban was due for a few changes, so they added the full ASCII set, to start with. The fonts for the program were inspired by various UseNet articles and signatures.What am I talking about?
Ans.The Figlet software. Glenn Chappell was the main programmer and Ian Chai, and Frank, whose .sig (email signature) inspired the program. FIGlet is a computer program that generates text banners, in a variety of fonts, comprised of letters made up of conglomerations of smaller ASCII characters (see ASCII Art). (see pic below)

3. The original IBM-PCs, that had hard drives, referred to the hard drives as Winchester drives.Why is this?
Ans. This is due to the fact that the original Winchester drive had a model number of 3030. This incidentally,is also a Winchester firearm.

4. Back in the mid to late 80's, an IBM compatible computer wasn't considered a hundred percent compatible unless it could run a certain program, probably because of the fact that it is one of the hardest programs to get running.Which program?
Ans.Microsoft Flight Simulator.

5. " I've heard it suggested that in the future, instead of commuting to work, some people may be computing to work." Who said the above lines?
Ans.Ronald Reagan

6. The first PalmPilot was released ten years ago, ushering in the PDA revolution. What company originally made PalmPilot? What other company sued, forcing the PalmPilot's name change?
Ans. The PalmPilot was manufactured by Palm Computing, a division of U.S. Robotics.
Pilot Pen Corporation brought a trademark infringement suit againt the company. Beginning in 1998, the devices were known officially as Palm Connected Organizers.

7.This is one of the most commonly used test models in computer graphics (see pic below). What's it called?
Ans.This model is known as the Stanford Bunny. It was developed in 1994 at Stanford University. It is made of 69,451 triangles, which were determined by range-scanning a ceramic bunny figurine.

8. How and where would you most probably read the following: "And the beast shall come forth surrounded by a roiling cloud of vengeance. The house of the unbelievers shall be razed and they shall be scorched to the earth. Their tags shall blink until the end of days."

Ans. When you type about:mozilla in the location bar of Netscape.

9. It could have been: Calex, Elcal, Calecom, Elcom, Calcomp, Digicom, Tronicom, Comptek, Computek, Esscotek or Ectek. But what name was finally chosen for this startup?

Ans.. Intel

10. Many talented programmers, unhappy with what was going on at Fairchild Semiconductors left it to create their own startups. Intel and AMD are just 2 examples of semiconductor companies that arose out of Fairchild Semiconductors. What did the press dub these startups that arose from Fairchild as?

A. Fairchildren

Never Been Bizzed 1

1.Despite the high tech image of NASDAQ, they have brought down the electronic exchange twice.Once,they knocked out the power in 1994, and the NASDAQ system failed to roll over to its battery backup, causing an interruption in trading of one half hour.In 1987, they entered a transformer and caused a power surge, halting trading for 8 minutes.Other instances of downtime have occurred when computer systems have unexpectedly rebooted or software upgrades have gone awry. What?Squirrels.

2.This term was coined by journalist Don Hoefler in 1971. He used it as the title of a series of one of the articles in a weekly trade newspaper Electronic News which started with the January 11, 1971 issue. Which term?Silicon Valley.

3.The word was coined by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871). In the book, Humpty Dumpty explains to Alice words from Jabberwocky, saying, "Well, slithy means lithe and slimy .....................You see it's like a _______________........." Carroll often used such words to a humorous effect in his work.It is also said it comes from Middle French formerly referred to a large travelling bag or suitcase with two compartments.Portmanteau.

4.Three Frenchmen fighting the British soldiers in the Sunderbans, West Bengal sought refuge in a temple, wounded and dying. The temple was of Goddess Laxmi.This gave rise to something else,What?The brand name,Lakme.

5.In 1788, a nineteen-year-old Welshman, named Thomas.P, came to Madras to seek his fortune. At that time banking was his principal business, but he also bought and sold commodities such as Madeira wine, books, real estate and Bengal lottery tickets.The company he started still bears his name and is the second oldest commercial house in India and one of the oldest in the world. As a company, they first began operations in sugar production. It then diversified into fertilisers and other farm inputs. Sulphuric acid was used in the production of these fertilisers and the first ceramic products made by them were jars to store this acid. It is this division that went on to become X in 1952.What is X ? Identify the company.X is Parryware.Company obviously is Parry's.

6.It was a product developed by Roche in 1933. Initially it contained phenacetin as the active ingredient,thus had trouble from chemists. But later phenacetin was replaced by acetaminophen, a proven safe and effective drug that was easier on the stomach than aspirin.Which product?Saridon.

7.In markets like Andhra Pradesh, retailers refer to it as ‘Virtual Gold’ –‘Bangaram’ and ‘Sona’.This widely used product has existed since 1935. Which one?Zandu Balm.

8."It takes AGES to be as good as ____" was the tagline for which product or atleast the company?SEGA

9."Once you go ___. You'll never go back" tagline for?Also complete the blank.Apple Macintosh computers,in the 1990's.Blank is Mac.

10."More reasons to shop at _________"What? WM Morrison's .The slogan is intended to be read in a Northern English accent, which makes "More reasons" sound similar to "Morrisons"